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Our operations division oversees the day-to-day operations of the service. It is led by the Assistant Chief / Operations Manager, Captain and Lieutenants who report directly to the Chief/ General Manager. The general operations staff consists of 108 employees, including 31 Paramedics, 11 Advanced EMTs, 50 EMT’s and 16 Chairvan employees.

Each shift has a Lieutenant on duty in the EMS Command vehicle to coordinate both on scene command operations as well as system status deployment and resource allocation. In addition the Lieutenant can act as a Paramedic intercept for neighboring communities or for the service's basic life support units.

Our First shift, day operations consist of seven ambulances, with backup ambulances as needed. Our second shift, evening operations consist of 5 ambulances. Our third shift, overnight operations consist of 3 paramedic level ambulances. 


  • Assistant Chief Amalio Jusino, NRP
  • Captain Joseph Charon, NRP
  • Lt. Lynn Richardson, NRP
  • Lt. Adam O’Neil, NRP
  • Lt. Daniel Gigliotti, NRP
  • Lt. Amanda Tobin, EMT-P
  • Lt. Kevin O’Mara, NRP
  • Shift Supervisor Kaitlyn Kline, NRP
  • Shift Supervisor Stephen Murray, NRP