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Dear Valued Residents,

Northern Berkshire EMS (NBEMS) and Northern Berkshire Transport (NBT) provide the highest quality pre-hospital emergency medical care and transportation services to Northern Berkshire and Southern Vermont.

We have been very busy this past year! Our crews have been tirelessly providing patients and clients with the best possible pre-hospital care and transportation throughout this pandemic. We continue to provide COVID-19 testing and, in partnership with the Berkshire Vaccine Collaborative and the Northern Berkshire Regional Emergency Planning Committee, we vaccinated 25,000 residents in Northern Berkshire County and beyond.

The constantly changing healthcare landscape, coupled with decreased insurance reimbursements, continues to challenge our industry nationally. In fact, many ambulance and non-emergency transport companies have been forced to close because of these factors. We pride ourselves on running a fiscally sound service. COVID-19 has driven the cost of medical supplies and operations over the past year. However, in order to offer the most up to date service, we must continue to make operational changes that are costly but necessary to meet the needs of the community. In order to remain competitive in the industry and keep our staffing at an acceptable level, we recently had to increase our compensation scale and benefits package. NBEMS does not receive subsidies from any of the communities it serves, nor does it receive any state or federal subsidy. Our income comes solely from insurance reimbursement and the generosity of our community from our annual fund drive. Your support is important to offset our significant operational costs not covered by those insurance reimbursements.

Your donation is tax deductible!

Because of your past generosity, we were able to update our aging fleet, upgrade our stretchers to PowerLoad systems, replace our laptop computers for patient care reporting, and provide training opportunities to our employees. This year the goal is to replace one ambulance and one chairvan at a total cost of$180,000. Your support is crucial in helping us meet this goal!

State of the art services provided by dedicated, skilled professionals, are essential for the well-being of our communities and NBEMS/NBT is proud to provide those services. It is difficult to imagine the health consequences to the region ifNBEMS/NBT was not available. In order to maintain the level of service that you have come to expect, the financial support of our communities has become increasingly essential. Every donation, no matter how large or small, is important.

Those who contribute $50.00 or more will be recognized as a Star of Life donor, the symbol that represents Emergency Medical Services.

We are deeply grateful for your past generosity. Please remember to socially distance, wear a mask and stay safe!

Sincerely yours,

Paul Ethier, President
Board of Directors


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Alternatively, contact us using the link at the top right of the website or simply mail your donation to us at:

Northern Berkshire EMS
PO Box 1045
North Adams MA

All donations greatly appreciated.