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"On a memorable Saturday night, on the Mt. Prospect trail, you went above and beyond with courage, strength and even humor. You were our heroes and our friends. Much thanks and admiration."


Our operations division oversees the day-to-day operations of the service. It is led by a Captain and five Lieutenants who report directly to the General Manager. The general operations staff consists of 44 employees, including 12 Paramedics, 12 EMT-Intermediates, and 20 EMT-Basics.

Each shift has a Lieutenant or Captain on duty in the EMS Command vehicle to coordinate both on scene command operations as well as system status deployment and resource allocation. In addition the Lieutenant or Captain can act as a Paramedic intercept for neighboring communities or for the service's basic life support units.

Our First shift, day operations consist of three ambulances, with a backup fourth support impact ambulance. Our second shift, evening operations consist of two ambulances. Our third shift, overnight operations consist of one paramedic level ambulance.


Capt. Michael Tessier, EMT-P
Lt. Lynn Richardson, EMT-P
Lt. David Moresi, EMT-P
Lt. Joshua Little, EMT-B
Lt. Robert Dobbert, EMT-I

Lt. George Beckwith, EMT-B

Safety Officer Amalio Jusino, EMT-I



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